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Our Shikanji is made with the Freshest lemons and uses phenomenal quality masala which gives it, its Iconic Delicious Taste. Through thorough caution, we have remained mindful of our Shikanji’s Taste over an extent of 83 years most definitely. With the oncoming of new fake sugars and tones, individuals are beginning to pick more crude and ordinary pay over standard compound based drinks, as they become mindful of the thriving impacts of such designed substances in our food and water. jain shikanji net worth

We started our most critical outlet as Jain Shikanji Modinagar and from there on out We’ve been serving people for the past 83 years, and endeavor to be a huge accomplice of our area. Taste our Tangy Zesty Sweet and Sour Shikanjis and experience beguile! We keep on adding new recipes to the layout of compensations we offer, So keep on checking with us regularly to get our latest things! We’re tenaciously Learning and Adapting to our client’s inclinations and eccentric thoughts. jain shikanji near me


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Head Office:
Nh-58, Kadrabad, Near Keshav Garden Farm House, Modinagar (Uttar Pradesh)

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